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Viper - VSQ 500

Introducing the latest innovation in Vehicle Telematics, designed and optimised for the latest high speed 3G networks. Integrated 3G Sim Card with 24/7 network monitoring and reporting

Automotive Grade, High Performance Hardware
Using superior design and Automotive Grade Components, VIPER® GPS Tracking has been built using only the latest technologies, all with efficient digital circuit design.

Our entire development and manufacturing processes are strictly controlled by our ISO9000 Quality Management System.

Coupled with our In-House SMT Manufacturing Line, we guarantee that only the Highest Quality and Highest Performing Products are delivered.

  • National 3G Network coverage (Telstra)
  • External GPS antenna for better location accuracy
  • Built in battery backup
  • Built in SIM card - Designed and Manufactured in Australia
  • 12V & 24V Operation

Accessories Provided

  • VIPER® GPS Tracking Module
  • GPS Antenna Module
  • Wiring Harness
  • Service Assist Card

VIPER® GPS Tracking App, powerful features at your fingertips

The VIPER® GPS Tracking app delivers the complete connected car experience straight to your smartphone. From live GPS vehicle updates, Location Sharing, Theft Alerts, Reporting and remote vehicle access, the VIPER® GPS Tracking App delivers powerful features, right at your fingertips. Smart track your vehicle from anywhere in the world.

Vehicle Tracking

·         Live GPS & Speed Request

·         Live Vehicle Location GPS

·         Live Ignition Status  (Also via Portal)

·         Current Speed Display  (Also via Portal)

·         Live Battery Voltage Reading

·         Trip Start & Trip End Points

·         Multiple vehicles per account 


·         Geofence Alerts*

·         Scheduled Geofence  (Time Base)*

·         Speed Alert*

·         Speed Limit Alert  (HERE Maps)*

·         Harsh Braking*

·         Harsh Acceleration*

·         Alarm Alert - Movement without Ignition*

·         Low Battery Alert


·         Trip History 14 Days

·         Activity History

·         Detailed Trip Information*

·         Trip Line Draw*

·         Trip History 365 Days*

·         Trip Summary Reports (Date, Time, Start, End)*

·         Scheduled Summary Report*

Push Notifications

·         Push Notifications

·         Lock/Unlock**

·         Alarm Input**

·         ESP Connectivity**

·         Remote Start ESP**

·         Lockdown Feature  (Ignition ON)*

·         Lockdown Feature - Time Base*

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