Focal - FDS 2.350 COMPACT 2-CH AMP

The FDS 2.350 is a 2-channel model delivering a power of 2 x 105 Watts RMS under 4 Ohms. For a perfect matching, it’s featuring an active high-pass and lowpass crossover. The FDS 2.350 can consequently drive a pair of speaker drivers or a subwoofer.
  • Stereo D Class bridgeable amplifier
  • High-level inputs with auto-detect / RCA low-level inputs
  • Compatible with OEM head units thanks to the audio transformers – auto detection feature
    • D Class – Direct Fet ® Technology – Efficient heat dissipation and precision
    • Stable under 2 Ohms
    • Stackable aluminium chassis with high heat dissipation
    • Low noise operational amplifier New Japan Radio® NJM4580
    • Low ESR capacitors – 105°C (220°F)
    • Pseudo-balanced inputs
    • Cable accessories included – easy to install

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